6th Form

There's only one way to pass a course in Music Technology, and that's to do it. A lot. If you're thinking you can turn up to lessons a bit and it'll be hunky dory then, brother / sister, this course isn't for you. You need to record stuff, then record some more, then do some more etc etc, with a smile on your face, because the only way to do it is to TRAIN YOUR EARS to listen and know what works. No recording session is exactly the same as any other - you need to LISTEN. So, dinner times, after school, break, free lessons you need to be in the studio working on your own stuff. If you wanna go park or chippy all the time to "hang out with ya homey crew" or whatever, don't chose it. If you wanna sit in an airless room though, surrounded by some of the best quality gear in Sandwell, worrying whether there's too much reverb on the backing vocals - this is the one for you. It won't make you cool or hard or more attractive or give you more friends. If you get it right , though, it will be the best thing you've ever done.

A lot of 6th Form work is based on Music Technology. There's a whole host of support materials available on the www. Some of the best places to start are these magazines, which you should try to read as much as poss:

         Sound On Sound                                                Computer Music                                                              MusicTech

They are packed with excellent articles about how to do stuff, and can take you way beyond 6th Form level; which, let's face it, is where you want to be.

Doubtless you're all like "Enough Chat already - take me to the biz, website dude"  - Ok, you can choose:

Recording                     Live Sound                       What have the 6th Form Done?               Excellent Guide to Fender


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