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Love Me Tender

Love Me Tender is a great, great song by Elvis Presley. watching him sing it is like having a masterclass in how to be a top performer. Forget Simon Cowell and X Factor / Pop Idol; watch Elv. Every note he sings is slightly different. The version we've written out here shows lots of "A" notes, all the same value. When Elv sings he does every note differently - this one slightly longer, this one slighly faster. Not only that, though - he's got a sultry look for every girl in the audience, and when he sings it, you know it's straight from the elvsters heart to you :) You can watch him do it here

Here's the Nora Jones version


On the surface, Love Me... is an easy song to play - there are only four lines, two of them are exactly the same, and the last one is nearly the same as the first two. However, this is an excellent example of:

                                    How to write a perfect pop song

                                    How to write a melody against a harmony

                                    On your keyboard - how to DRAMATICALLY improve your left hand chords

That, together with the fact that the Elvster is still called "The King" 70 years after he was born is reason to learn it. It's easy to have fun with too - as we shall see.... 

 OK Let's look at the tune and the chords:

Here's line 1 - and line 2 - they're the same - remember?


Now line 3. Take your time over all those As. Remember when Elv does it, he lingers over some notes and then goes through others more quickly. This is called "Rubato" in Music. Rubato singing and playing sounds very expressive. Too much though and you'll sound like your uncle when he's had too much to drink at a wedding so remember to be tasteful!


Line 4 is similar to the first two. Here you're going to need Bb. Bb is the black note on the right hand end of the 3 black notes together:




Watch Miss Ramsay do Love Me Tender here




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