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          We are learning about Music from where we live. The Black Country. Here it is:                                                                    



   The Black Country is made up of Sandwell, Dudley, Walsall, and Wolverhampton.  Some people think  that not all of these areas count as "proper" Black Country  - North of Walsall (Bloxwich, Aldridge and Rushall for example) is still very much countryside. Wolverhapton, some people say, isn't part of it - Smethwick - some people say isn't part of it. The thing to remember is:

                                                                                                                                        IT'S NOT ON A MAP!!!

People made the term up to describe the area to the North West of Birmingham. Some people say it's called the Black Country because it's where the South Staffordshire Coal Seam was, which lay so close to the surface it made the earth black. Some people say it's because the air was so black with the smoke and soot from the many manufacturing industries and furnaces all around. The thing really knows because it's not a real area, it was probably made up as an insult. Certainly 30 years ago no-one wanted their area to be called "Black Country" it was an unfashionable term that people would apply to towns close to them (but not their own) - so people from West Bromwich would say "ooo Black Country folks - they'm all from up Dudley" whilst posh Dudley folks would blame Tipton.


It's NOT Birmingham though! None of these places are in Birmingham. And we aye Brummies, we'm Black Country (unless you live in Brum, in which case hard luck :) lol! Here's an old Black Country saying:

Brummagem - a city of thousands with a speech impediment

                                                                                                                and another

Black Country Meks it, Brummies sell it and So -li-hull looks at it

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   Singing warm ups

   The Brave Dudley Boys

   Lament for The Tipton Slasher

  Yer Gob

   Me Dog

   Write your own song

 Extension Work

   Spake Black Country

    Find out More about the Tipton Slasher - why was he called "Ol' K Legs"?


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