Key Stage 3 Learning Zone

When the Saints Go Marching In

   "When the Saints" is a great first piece to play. It gets your left hand going with some good first chords. Try to use your left hand to play the chords, and your right hand to play the tune. You could try to play the chords like this:

           Chord of C                C E G                                                                                         Chord of G         B D G 

          Chord of C7              C E G Bb                                                                                     Chord of F          C F A

                      It's harder to play the C7 chord - learn to play the song without it first, then put it in bar 11, linking the C and the F chords 



Concentrate on:

             Line 1



           Line 2



            Line 3



          Line 4



Watch Miss Ramsay play When the Saints here

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