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Ensembles - part 2 - Steel Band


Listen to the piece of music by clicking here.


In this example, the traditional flavoured Soca Man, the drums set the tempo by “clicking in” – 3 beats followed by a one beat fill.


The first theme has the tenor pans playing the melody, whilst the double seconds, guitars and bass have the chords.


In the second theme the lower pans have the melody with guitars and cellos overlapping with the double seconds. Although the tenors are playing, their role is more of a decoration around the melody.


This piece is a medley. The second tune, heard only in part here, is called “Woman is Boss”. This is a cello solo in this example. The cellos are a very versatile pan having a large range. They are often treated like the euphonium in Brass Band arranging.


  Chordal “Stabs” can often be used in Steel Band arranging when a chord is played rhythmically by the whole band. This is similar to a “Breakdown” section in Blues, Gospel, Jazz and Salsa.


Ebony Steel Band have been established for many years in England

The Maestros feature the Maestro - Norman Stewart who made many of the pans at Holly Lodge

Jamma is a world renowned expert pan player from Wolverhampton. Sometimes you can see him playing in New Street at the bottom of the ramp.

Pan comes from Trinidad. You could look at their tourist website with lots of info and links.


When it happens at Holly Lodge

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