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Horse with No Name


Guitar Chords – the only chords you need are Em9 and  D6:


To strum Horse with no Name you need a “Down, Down Up, Down Up, Down Up” motion like this :

JING                      JING  Y          JING  Y          JING  Y



On the keyboard, we still need the same, Em9 and  D6 :

Chord Name

Left Hand

Right Hand



D F# G B



D F# A B


                            This is how your right hand plays Em9:                                               This is how your right hand plays D6:





Why is it called Em9?                                                                         And the same for D6?

                                            1 2   3  4  5  6 7  8   9  10 11 etc                                                                      1   2   3    4   5   6   7   8 

The notes from E to E are  E F# G A B C D E F# G   A B C                                                                         D  E   F# G  A  B  etc


E minor has got these notes – E G B – notes 1 3 and 5 E minor 7 has got E G B plus D (note 7)                  D Major has got D, F# and A (root, third and fifth)

E minor 9 has EGB, plus D from Em7 plus F# (note 9)                                                                                D6 has an added B which is note 6


To play the Bass part You can watch the video by clicking the link. This will show you how to play the bass part in the song. This uses 3 notes: E F# and B.

You could, though, use this bass line too. This will help you to learn more about what a bass player does in a band. To try this version, you would use the notes from the chords, the most important being the “root” (E for Em9, D for D6),

and the fifth (B for Em9, and A for D6):





      E       B         E       A       D          B         E



Try using an“Ow! Me foot!” rhythm  (pretend you have just banged your toe on something):

Ow! Me foot!       Ow! Me foot!      Ow! Me foot!          Ow! Me foot!

E       E   E            E      E    E            D     D   D               D     D    D

---------String 3, fret 7-------------        --------------String 3, Fret 5---------  


You can do that, the next most important note in each chord is the fifth. In music you always count the note you start from as one, so if E is 1:


                                                                                         E  F  G  A  B 

                                                                                          1  2  3  4   5


You can find the fifth note for each chord on the next string down towards the floor, and two frets in front - like this:



Bass strings, like guitar strings, are counted from the thinnest (and closest to

the ground) as 1,

to the thickest (and closest to your nose(:)) as 4. We need String 3 (S3)

and the new notes are on String 2 (S2)

all the notes are on fret 5 (fr5), fret 7 (fr7) and fret 9 (fr9)





When you can do that, you can play "Ow! Me foot hurts!" where the "hurts" bit is that fifth that you just found:


                                              Ow! Me foot    hurts!      Ow! Me foot    hurts!      Ow! Me foot    hurts!          Ow! Me foot   hurts!

                                                 E      E   E       B            E      E   E       B             D     D   D      A                 D     D    D      A

                                                    S3, fr7        S2,fr9         S3,fr7          S2,fr9          S3, fr7        S2,fr7            S3,f5             S2,fr7



On the Drums you need snare drum, bass drum and hi-hat. Play the hi-hat with the hand you write with. Play the snare with your other hand.

Beats 1 2 3 4
Hi Hat x x x x
Snare x x
Bass Drum x x




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