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 - Learn How to do the Music for Your Own Song!!!

Righty ho – you’ve done your song words and now you’ve got to do the music. Fairynuf. You need CHORDS!!!!!


On the geetar we know these chords:



We also learnt this little run:




Other chords that go well with these that are easy to play are:




This chord is hard to name accurately. Really it's a D chord with an added G and E. You could call it D add 9 add 11. If you wanted to. Most people don't. You could call it "A minor 7 moved up a coupla frets" or "that A minory D thing that you get when you play Am7 and move it up a bit."


On the keyboard you need:


Chord Name Left Hand Right Hand
Em E E G B
Cmaj7 C E G B
Em9 E D F# G B
D6 D D F# A B


That run from Eleanor Rigby went:


E E   D# D#  D D   C#C#  with both hands


Your new chords go:



Left Hand

Right Hand







 NB The second new chord for keyboard players isn't quite the same as for guitarists.This is because the guitar can use some of the open strings to ring out with the other notes from the chord. As a keyboard player, you don't need to play the exact same thing, in fact using all the notes from the guitar can just sound messy.

"D/A" (pronounced D over A) is just a D chord with A in the bass instead of D.


 On the bass we went with an “Ow! Me foot!” rhythm 


(pretend you have just banged your toe on something):

Ow! Me foot!       Ow! Me foot!      Ow! Me foot!          Ow! Me foot!

E       E   E            E      E    E            D     D   D               D     D    D

---------String 3, fret 7-------------        --------------String 3, Fret 5---------  


 There's a C on the 3rd String, 3rd fret. A is the third string open.


On the drums we can play a rhythm we've already used, make our own up, or try to copy one that the keyboard has



Doing your song


Start with E minor or E minor 9, or Am7 if you don’t want to use that run from the chorus of Eleanor Rigby

Pick some chords

Play them over and over

Sing your song over them

Get rich and famous :))))


You can listen to Mr Dickinson's ace song "Heaven and Hell" which he specially composed just to show you what kinda business you could get up to with your own song. All the chords and runs in the song are ones that you have already learnt. REMEMBER though, your song should sound how you want it to. It's your song. You do what style you like. Garage, RnB, Metal, whatever. NOTICE though that my song is about something. It conveys a message. If you are going to write a song, you should try to do that too. It's not going to be easy - it's creating ART - it will take you TIME and EFFORT to do well. Try to make sure your song is about something that matters to you. You've got the chance to say something and get people to listen. Say something worth listening to. It's like you are saying to the person listening "here's what I think about...........what do you think?" You can listen to sir's ace song "Heaven and Hell" here


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