Key Stage 3

                        Interstellar Overdrive

Interstellar Overdrive is a song by Pink Floyd from 1967. Listen to it here

Why are we doing this song??? - our objectives for the lessons are:

To practice our PLTs

To Improve our guitar, bass, drums, and k/b skills

Learn to use *5 chords

To learn to compose

To practice our literacy verbs adverbs adjectives, nouns

Read some of our poems here

This song starts with a RIFF ( a short repeated section) this is the main guitar and bass part:

                B        B       A#   B  A#        A         A     G#  A  G#          G                                        G                  F#                    E        

On the guitar it will look like this:

          E --7-----7------6--7-6--------5-----5------4--5--4---------3-----3------3-----3--------3--3--3--3--2--2--2--2----0--------

A lot of people use "Power Chords" or *5 chords to play this song. A *5 chord consists of the root note, and the note 5 away. For example E5 at the end of the riff would be  E and the note 5 away - B. Both played together this gives you E5 or an E power chord. To play the whole song on guitar in Power Chords you would play:

           A --9-----9------8--9-8--------7-----7------6--7--6--------5-----5------5-----5--------5--5--5--5--4--4--4--4----2--------

           E --7-----7------6--7-6--------5-----5------4--5--4---------3-----3------3-----3--------3--3--3--3--2--2--2--2----0--------

Here's the shape of a *5 Chord. As long as you keep your fingers in the same spacing you can play it anywhere on the neck:


The drums go the same as for Horse with no Name - check back on how to do this here.

Once you've learnt the parts, you'll be putting them together in your band. Try playing through the riff a few times, then making up your own section that you can do your poem over, then go back to the riff again. You can hear Mr Dickinson's amazing version of Interstellar Overdrive on our NUMU site, click here to hear it - fasten your seatbelt and turn it up loud!

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