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Let's Modulate in a Rock 'n' Roll Stylee

Generally Rock ' n ' Roll couldn't care less about changing key if it's loud, it's good. And snicky beats. And grooving along nick-nacks. You can make your compo stand out from the crowd by having a quick modulate. Thusly:

1. "Just do it" - eg '
Penny Lane
' - the Beatles; I wish it could be Xmas.... Wizard. Verses in one key,and choruses in another.No preparation,no please or thank you,just go.Wizard go from A Major to B Major, the Beatles from D to C.

2. "Stick a flat 7 up it" - Take a Major Chord. Add a b7. turns it into V7 in a new key. If you don't believe me, try this:

C C7   F  F7    Bb  Bb7   Eb Eb7   Ab Ab7   Db Db7   Gb/F#   Gb7/F#7    B  B7    
E  E7
    A  A7    
D  D7     G  G7    C

3. Make a Minor Chord a Major, or a Major a Minor:

eg C     F       Fm      Bb7      Eb

orC      Am    A (major)    A7    D

4. "Go for the big ending"   Loads of songs finish by singing the last verse twice.The second time, they go up a semi - tone or a tone. Often times this employs the " just do it" method. Sometimes, though you can just jump to the V7 of your new key

eg  to get your compo from song in D to last chorus in Eb go:

D   Bb7   Eb

and watch those hairs on the back of your neck rise with glee!


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